Electronic Taps

Sensor Taps

All our electronic taps incorporate several heavy-duty commercial features, such as solid cast brass components, anti-rotational fittings and flexible stainless steel supply hoses. Our automatic electronic taps feature water conservation of around 0.5 gallons per minute (GPM) with vandal-resistant body structure.

Most of our electronic taps have flow regulators that limits water flow to around 5.7 Ltr/min. Saving Water and Savinbg Money, with reliable water conservation for any commercial or domestic projects.

Autotaps™ are electronically activated using state-of-the-art infrared sensor technology. We always ensure that we capture today’s design styles and trends.

Autotaps™ new AMA Series possesses ‘short’ and ‘high’ design construction styles, with innovative manual and electronic activation features that makes these taps very versatile in any environment.

Sensor Tap Range

  • ATW Series: Wall-mounted electronic taps
  • AMA Series: 2-in-1 Manual and Automatic sensor electronic taps
  • ATV-Series: Thermostatic mixer valves
  • ATS-Series: Standard and small infra red activation sensor electronic taps
  • ATT-Series: Fully automated Sensor Electronic Taps with temperature control
  • ATO-Series: Electronic sensor taps with manual override button
  • ATX-Series: Tall automatic Electronic Infrared Taps
  • ROS-Series: Ralph O'Wallaby designer sensor electronic taps

Starleon Glass Basin


Glass Basin

These are handmade colourful glass basins with manual waterfall taps. The uniqueness of these designs adds a touch of class and beauty to any environment.


For all your projects that requires glass | basins and taps.