Water Conservation Tips

Check for home for leaks, hidden water leaks can be wasting water without you even being aware of it. A good way to check for leaks is, if your property is metered, then read your water meter and do not use any water for a couple of hours and go back to check that the meter reads exactly the same. If it does not, there is a leak.

Brushing Teeth
Turn off tap while cleaning your teeth, shaving or washing your face. You can waste can up to 9 litres a minute by just letting the water pour down the sink.
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Washing Machine
Only use the washing machine and the dishwasher when you can put on a full load. It wastes both water and energy to run only a half full machine.

D on't overfill the kettle when making a cup of tea. Only fill and boil what you need, this will save you money on your energy costs too.

Don't overuse hoses or sprinklers in hot weather. A sprinkler can use as much water in an hour as a family of four will use in a day. Your lawn only really needs watering once a week and it is better to water in the morning when the temperature is lower and evaporation is less.
Research your plants, some actually thrive in drier conditions and will not benefit from over watering.

Using mulch on the garden with help the soil retains water so will mean you won't have to water the garden as often.

Water Butt
Install a water butt in the garden to collect the rain water. This will mean you always have water to use for watering the garden without the need to use fresh water from the hose.

Cleaning Your Car
Use a sponge and bucket of water to clean your car or if you use the hose, ensure you use a shut off nozzle so the water is not constantly running.
Take a short shower rather than a bath could save you up to 400 litres a week. If you do have baths, just half fill them.

Fix any dripping tap, you can waste 90 litres a week which will cost a lot more than what might just be the price of a new washer.Do you know Autotaps products have drip-free features?
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