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ATX-0144T & ATS-0144

Deck-mounted Sensor tap with
Front-facing Infrared Sensor

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ATW-0048 - ATW Series

Wall-mounted Sensor tap with
Integrated Fibre-optic Spout Sensor

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Sensor taps for Domestic &
Commercial Applications

Sustainability principles are lowering energy costs and reducing carbon footprint.

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ATX-0876 - Deck-mounted Sensor tap

Pillar Design with Integrated Built-in Solenoid valve

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AKT-6102 - Integrated Design

2-in-1 Kitchen Sensor Tap
Manual Override and Automatic Activation

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Water Conservation Initiative

Automatic taps saves water, which only flows
when hands or objects are detected...

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Starleon Glass Basin


Glass Basin

These are handmade colourful glass basins with manual waterfall taps. The uniqueness of these designs adds a touch of class and beauty to any environment.


For all your projects that requires glass | basins and taps.