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ATX-0144T & ATS-0144

Deck-mounted Sensor tap with
Front-facing Infrared Sensor

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ATW-0048 - ATW Series

Wall-mounted Sensor tap with
Integrated Fibre-optic Spout Sensor

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Sensor taps for Domestic &
Commercial Applications

Sustainability principles are lowering energy costs and reducing carbon footprint.

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ATX-0876 - Deck-mounted Sensor tap

Pillar Design with Integrated Built-in Solenoid valve

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AKT-6102 - Integrated Design

2-in-1 Kitchen Sensor Tap
Manual Override and Automatic Activation

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Water Conservation Initiative

Automatic taps saves water, which only flows
when hands or objects are detected...

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Autotaps is proud to introduce a brand new affordable, reliable and hygienic infrared electronic tap designs for domestic applications.


Sustainability principles are lowering energy costs, creating environments less prone to the spread of infection, and reducing the carbon footprint of health facilities.


Hospitals and Healthcare facilities are discovering sustainable ways to reduce the transmission rates of infections, as well as lowering energy costs.


The high cost of energy and operations, coupled with increasing environmental consciousness, has elevated the importance of green design for schools and institutions.

ASW Series | 2-in-1 Automatic Water and Soap Dispenser

This is a 2-in-1 design that dispenses both soap and water, controlled by dual sensor activation. Everything comes as one package, which can work seemlessly and easily implemented in most environment where space is limited.

Water & Soap Combo | 2-in-1 Design

This model dispenses both water and soap in one unit. Elegant design with minimalist approach for most washrooms setup.

Other Features

Large soap reservoir capacity, low-soap indicator sensor, full brass body construction and chropme-plated finish as standard.

Easy Installation

Easy installation and implementation. Suitable for both domestic and commercial applications.

Power Option

The system can only be powered by AC supply (Mains/Electric). LED power indicator.

Featured Products

Some of our sensor automatic taps and soap dispensers

Flat top deck-mounted sensor tap with front-facing sensor.
ATS-0144Deck-mounted Sensor Tap
Automatic sensor tap with built-in solenoid valve. No control box required.
ATX-0876Deck-mounted Sensor Tap
Deck-mounted sensor tap with integrated fibre-optic spout sensor
ATX-0049HFSwan neck design Sensor tap
Deck mounted Automatic Soap Dispenser
ASD-1081Automatic Soap Dispenser
Automatic Sensor Tap
ATS-0072Automatic Sensor Tap
Automatic Soap Dispenser, supplied with pump and soap reservoir.
ASD-3061Automatic Soap Dispenser
Automatic deck-mounted sensor tap
ATS-0067Deck-mounted Sensor Tap
Automatic and manual 2-in-1 sensor tap with built-in solenoid valve and temperature control. No control box required.
ATT-0116Deck-mounted Sensor Tap
Wall-mounted Sensor tap with integrated spout sensor.
ATW-0048Wall-mounted Sensor Tap


Tall Automatic 'Swan-neck' Infrared Sensor Tap


ATX-8205 | ATX Series Range

Tall and Elegant Swan-neck design sensor tap


Tall swan-neck design


Front-facing Infrared Sensor Activation

Water Supply

Single supply


Solid brass outer-shell construction

Power Supply

Mains/4XAA Alkaline Batteries (up-to 2yr lifespan)

Water Pressure

0.75-7 Bar (1 bar or above for best performance)

ASD Series | Automatic Soap Dispensers

Automatic sensor activated soap dispenser tap suitable for any commercial washroom projects or applications. Best automatic saop dispenser that activates when hands or object is placed in the proximity sensor zone. It delivers accurate and sufficient amount of liquid soap to wash hands. It limits soap wastage in public areas and promotes hygienic atmosphere for all users.

Automatic Hand Dryer

Automatic wall-mounted hand sryers are suitable for any commercial or public projects or applications. It delivers eco-friendly solution to any environment and promotes hygiene. Warm air is projected or delivered to the user's hands at a steady pace, which gently dries aways excess water residue from the skin. Using air to dry hands, the facility uses less tissue papers, which are prone to abuse and wastage.

ASK Series | DIY Sensor Kit

This sensor kit can be utilised to convert any manual tap into a 'no touch' sensor activation tap. Choose a manual tap of your choice and Autotaps will provide the sensor activation kit.

Easy Installation

Easy installation and implementation, with flexibility to use any manual tap of your choice and design.

Solenoid Valves

ASK150 & ASK-200: Single or double solenoid valves with high 'hot water' tolerance.

Power Option

AC+DC Compatible (Mains/Batteries). Ultrasonic-sealed built-in transformer, with LED power indicator.

Remote Control

Compatible with IRC/FRC Sensor Remote Control.

Our Experience

Our experience guarantees high quality products.



Automatic Sensor tap with Manual Activation and Temperature Control


2-in-1 Automatic Sensor tap with Manual Activation

This sensor tap has full automated and manual activation, together with a manual temperature control lever. The flow rate of water can also be manually adjusted as required.

Versatile 2-in-1 Design

2-in-1 Integrative design, with Automatic or Manual water control system.

Manual Operation - ON/OFF

2-Pipeline Design, the tap can be turned ON/OFF manually.

Temperature Control

Manual temperature control lever.

Touch Sensor Activation

The tap can also be activated via its capacitive touch-sensitive function.

Services & Support

These are all the support and services you need to get the best out of your purchase from

Typical Installation

The installation of Autotaps electronic taps is quite straightforward and easy to implement,

Benefits of Sensor Taps

Automatic taps save water, which only flows when hands activate the fixture.

Infrared Sensor Technology

Infrared light can be found between the visible and microwave portions of the electromagnetic spectrum.

Sensor tap Maintenance

When you have problem, it usually because of the following known issues listed below.

How Sensor tap Works

Our automatic sensor taps consist of four key components: Solenoid valve, sensor, power source and a tap shell.

Why Electronic Tap?

Automatic taps save water, which only flows when hands activate the fixture.

Most Common Qestions

These are the most common questions being asked by our customers.

FAQ Centre

These are the more in-depth questions that are commonly asked by our customers.

Things to Consider

Things that needs to be considered before you buy a sensor-activated tap.

Facts & Charts

Facts and charts on water and energy comparisons of sensor and manual taps.

Water Conservation Tips

Methods and tips on how to conserve water and save on energy consumption.

Electronic tap vs Manual tap

Head-to-head comparison of typical usage of electronic tap and Manual tap.

Automatic Kitchen Sensor Tap

AKT-6102 | 2-in-1 Manual and Automatic Kitchen Infrared Sensor Tap



Swan-neck 2-in-1 manual and automatic kitchen tap with infrared 'no touch' wave sensor.


Chrome-plated Swan-neck Design


Double Infrared 'no touch' Wave Sensor

Water Supply

Double 'hot and cold' water supply


Brass, Stainless Steel, ABS Plastic, Zinc Alloy Outer-shell Construction

Power Supply

Mains/4XAA Alkaline Batteries (up-to 2yr lifespan)

Water Pressure

0.75-7 Bar (1 bar or above for best performance)

Some of Our Sensor Products

Automatic, Touchless Activated Sensor Taps

Sensor Automatic Products

Autotaps™ manufactures, designs and distribute 'no touch' sensor activation automatic electronic mixer sensor taps, sensor flushers, automatic shower systems and accessories. We supply Taps to UK and International Markets.

All our sensor electronic products incorporate state-of-the-art infrared and fibre-optic sensor technology, stylish designs, solid-brass outer shell construction. Our electronic sensor taps have several water saving features. 

Sensor Technology

One technology that has had the biggest impact is infra red sensor. The infra red sensors allow public restroom tap fixtures to operate without the user's ever touching a button, tap or the handle.

Versatile and Suitability

We have electronic taps which are versatile; can be powered by batteries or electric or both. Some of our sensor taps have temperature adjustment controls, which allow the temperature to be manually adjusted according to user's preference.

Learn More About Autotaps Products

Resources and Information to get the best out of your product

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Why Install Autotaps?

Automatic taps save water, which only flows when hands activate the fixture. Excess water use is no longer an issue solely for conservationists, but...

Infrared Technology

Infrared Technology

Everybody is driven by the growing concern over germs on toilets and washroom surfaces, and an increasing number of commercial, private, and public...

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Water Conversation Tips

Check for home for leaks, hidden water leaks can be wasting water without you even being aware of it. A good way to check for leaks is, if your...


Starleon Glass Basin


Glass Basin

These are handmade colourful glass basins with manual waterfall taps. The uniqueness of these designs adds a touch of class and beauty to any environment.


For all your projects that requires glass | basins and taps.